Podcast Transcriptions

The following episodes have been transcribed:

WBD093: Jack Mallers on Lightning Design and UX

WBD092: Christian Decker - An Introduction to The Lightning Network

WBD091: How Crypto Protects Sex Workers with Ameen Soleimani & Allie Eve Knox from Spankchain

WBD090: Chris Burniske on The Ethics of Investing in Tokens

WBD089: Critiquing Bitcoin with Angela Walch

WBD088: Matthew Hougan from Bitwise on Why 95% of Reported Bitcoin Trade Volume is Fake

WBD087: Erik Voorhees on Maximalism, KYC & Shoddy Reporting

WBD086: Marc Weinstein on What Happened at the Fyre Festival

WBD085: Andrew Poelstra on Bitcoin Math & Research

WBD084: Amber Baldet on Surveillance Capitalism

WBD083: Podcasting Head to Head With Anthony Pompliano

WBD082: Andreas M. Antonopoulos on What Happens When Bitcoin Takes Over

WBD081: Lily Liu on Bitcoin Rationalism

WBD080: Reflecting on Mt. Gox with Andy Pag

WBD079: Brock Pierce on Reviving Mt. Gox

WBD078: Kim Nilsson on His Investigation Into Mt. Gox

WBD077: Daniel Kelman on the Creditors of Mt. Gox and Civil Rehabilitation

WBD076: Mark Karpel├Ęs on the Collapse of Mt. Gox

WBD075: Jed McCaleb on the Creation of Mt. Gox

WBD074: Matt Corallo on How Bitcoin Works

WBD073: Bill Barhydt on How ABRA Is Building a Global Bank With Bitcoin

WBD072: JW Weatherman on Truth, Lies and Blockchains

WBD071: Update on the Venezuelan Political Crisis

WBD070: Privacy and Zcash with Zooko Wilcox

WBD069: Whitfield Diffie on the History of Cryptography

WBD068: Peter Todd on the Essence of Bitcoin

WBD067: Gab's Andrew Torba on Why Bitcoin Is Free Speech Money

WBD066: The Builders Case for Ethereum with Scott Lewis and Bryant Eisenbach

WBD065: Tone Vays on Why Altcoins Are a Bad Investment

WBD064: Defending Bitcoin with John Carvalho

WBD063: Mike Dudas from The Block on Crypto Journalism

WBD062: Matt Odell and Neil Woodfine on What They Would Like to See for Bitcoin in 2019

WBD061: Tuur Demeester's Bearish Case for Ethereum

WBD060: Meltem Demirors on Her 2019 Crypto Resolutions

WBD059: Marty Bent on What Bitcoin Did in 2018

WBD058: Trace Mayer on Why You Must Own Your Bitcoin Private Keys

WBD057: Core Developer Bryan Bishop on Building Bitcoin

WBD056: Alex Gladstein on Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom

WBD055: Vijay Boyapati's Bullish Case for Bitcoin

WBD054: VanEck's Gabor Gurbacs on Bringing a Bitcoin ETF to Market

WBD053 - Grin's Michael Cordner aka Yeastplume on Implementing Mimblewimble

WBD052 - Nathaniel Whittemore on Crypto Narratives and the Ills of Modern Advertising

WBD051 - Zac Prince on the Future of Banking With Bitcoin

WBD050 - The SEC's Hester Peirce on Regulating Cryptocurrencies

WBD049 - Coin Center's Peter Van Valkenburg on Preserving the Freedom to Innovate with Public Blockchains

WBD048 - Jesse Powell is Building a Culture of Crypto Values at Kraken

WBD047 - Adam Back on A Decade of Bitcoin

WBD046 - Francis Pouliot on the Network Effect of Money and Why Tokens Are Scams

WBD045 - Brave's Brendan Eich on Fixing Online Advertising

WBD044 - Debunking Economics and Why Bitcoin Will Fail With Steve Keen

WBD043 - Dan Held on Bitcoin's Immaculate Conception

WBD042 - Casa's Jeremy Welch and Alena Vranova on Crypto Custody

WBD041 - Reviewing the Bitmain IPO with Samson Mow and Katherine Wu

WBD040 - Personal Privacy and Safety in the Surveillance Age with Jameson Lopp

WBD039 - The B Foundation and Nouriel Roubini's Testimony to Congress with Giacomo Zucco

WBD038 - Questioning the Obsession with Blockchains and On-Chain Governance with Nic Carter

WBD037 - Jimmy Song on the Game Theory of Bitcoin Attacks and why Proof of Work Needs to be Expensive

WBD036 - The Threat of Fractional Reserve Bitcoin from Wall Street with Caitlin Long & Saifedean Ammous

WBD035 - The SEC, ETFs, XRP and Crypto Regulations with Jake Chervinsky

WBD034 - Why Crypto Privacy is Important with Monero's Riccardo "FluffyPony" Spagni

WBD033 - Will Bitcoin or Ethereum Become a Global Digital Reserve Asset with Multicoin's Kyle Samani

WBD001 - How to Trade Bitcoin and Crypto with Luke Martin