Brad Stephens & Spencer Bogart on How Venture Capital Thinks About Bitcoin Investing

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If Libra takes off we get a billion new crypto users that will eventually migrate somewhat into Bitcoin and grow the whole ecosystem. If Libra gets shut down… boom! Now we know why Bitcoin is so powerful as a global reserve currency.
— Brad Stephens

Interview Location: San Francisco
Interview Date: 24th June ‘19
Company: Blockchain Capital
Role: Brad - Co-founder & Managing Partner | Spencer - General Partner

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are terms with different meanings to different people. They have been used to inflate valuations ahead of funding and drive ICOs. So, how do you tell a good investment from a bad one? I sat down with Spencer and Brad from Blockchain Capital, one of the first venture capital firms investing in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

As well as insight into how they pick an investment and the verticals they are currently interested in, we also discussed:

  •  Their background and how they started the fund

  • Bitcoin vs other cryptocurrencies

  • Views on Ethereum

  • Libra Coin being a win/win for Bitcoin

  • Lightning Network

  • If it is possible to make money building utility on top of Bitcoin

  • Looking for a Unicorn

  • Differences between investing in Bitcoin and traditional markets

  • What to consider when approaching a company to raise a round of funding

  • What they are currently looking to invest in

  • What entrepreneur should look for in Investors


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