Libra Deep Dive

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Part 3: Preston Byrne & Jake Chervinsky on Regulating Libra

In the next episode of my Libra Deep Dive, I talk to Preston Byrne & Jake Chervinsky about the regulatory side of Libra. We discuss whether Libra is a security, if the Foundation is really a non-profit and whether Libra is even a cryptocurrency.



Part 2: Jameson Lopp & Peter Todd on Libra: Technical Analysis

In the second episode of the Libra series, I sit down with Jameson Lopp & Peter Todd to talk about Libra technicals. We discuss scalability issues, smart contract limitations, politics within the Libra Association and who is responsible for the KYC/AML.



Part 1: Bill Barhydt on Libra: The Dawn of Corporate Money

In this interview, I speak with Bill Barhydt the CEO & Founder of Abra about the dawn of corporate money. We discuss why Facebook is launching Libra, why they didn't use Bitcoin and why Bill considers Libra as positive.



Bonus: Caitlin Long on Why Facebook's Libra Coin is Good for Bitcoin

In this interview, I chat with Caitlin Long, co-founder of the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition, about Facebook’s venture into cryptocurrencies with Libra Coin. We discuss interest payments, regulations, and why Libra will be good for Bitcoin.



About Libra Deep Dive

The Libra Deep Dive is a week of shows dedicated to looking into the impending launch of Facebook’s cryptocurrency.

If you have any questions about this series of interviews feel free to drop me an email.